Drug File - Ketamine

Like most drugs, Ketamine is pretty weird.

 A low-good dose is almost like getting your body absolute wasted drunk but you're fine in the head XD, The first time I tried it I did a bump, hopped on the bmx bike and went to the grocery store- just on the ride over everything shifted to a feeling like I was just watching a movie playing out in front of me instead of actually being in it and controlling my body wasn't too hard, but just as if I was doing it with a remote control. I did a couple bunny hops on the bike and the concrete was just like a trampoline! It was weird having to think about not bumping into people, because a lot of those things that are basically usually on autopilot begin to stop running and you have to remember, or else things are easier to bump because there's not like an anticipation. At a high dose, like the time I probably railed over half a gram, it was like a full dmt-level trip where I closed my eyes and was immediately immersed into this k-hole of weirdness where every inch of my body felt like it was orgasming (no other way to describe it) and with my mind it was as if I could feel the sensation of moving my hands without actually doing it, and visually I was just seeing perfect sacred geometry in a weird prism shape and looking into it I could see all of my own perception of reality. It was honestly a bit much, and I was glad I have had that crazy ass experience before, but coming back from that as my first k-hole I could see how hard this cycle could be to break, and while still on it there was that disassociation like this isn't even real or normal, let's just stay a bit longer. Basically I conclude ketamine is fucking weird, my few experiences with it have seemed like completely different different drugs and I just know I can't go any further with it at all, because of my already addictive habits there's no way I could stand a chance haha

and ayy so here's the actual Drug File I used with it-

First synthesis: 1962 by Parke-Davis (a subsidiary of Pfizer that also first produced PCP)

Intended use: Originally used as an anaesthetic in the Vietnam War, it later became prevalent in the veterinary field. Was developed with the intention to create a safe alternative to PCP.

Current Research: Anti-depressant, addiction treatment.

Legality: Outside of scientific and medicinal uses, Ketamine is illegal to posses or distribute in almost all of the developed world.