Lone Fractal Shirt

Stoned Alone Blue Shirt- Triangle Text.png
Stoned Alone Blue Shirt- Triangle Text.png

Lone Fractal Shirt

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The fractal is just as stoned and alone us, in this random clipart I found on the internet and turned into a shirt

The first ever batch of official SA screen-printed shirts!! Not fucking around on that uncomfortable shit, these tees are insanely soft, unisex and dope. With help from a friend/ local clothing company Lost In Fargo, I'm excited to bring these dope shirts out for the stoned loners 

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Pre-Order the shits

Pre-Orders Now Open On These!!!!!

I'm excited af to say that if only 10 of this first drop sell they will go up onto the store forreal, so if you're interested go quick because pre-sale prices are $15 and they'll go up to $20 after 10 are sold!!