YouTube is incredible for hosting, buuuut they aren’t always the chillest haha. Here’s the stuff that they were just not fuckin with
— Tim

Ayyy so I had a good time back in October chilling in Minneapolis with some underground rappers, I cut it to some Kanye which we were listening to that day, but then it got removed for copyright haha

I cut this to the Beatles originally, as a throwback to the first ever edited video on the channel, Grav Labs Glass Blunt First Impressions  which also had the Beatles (but then it got taken on YouTube naturally haha so here it is)


This was the first thing I cut together longer than a vlog, I watched a dope ass netflix documentary (Steve Aoki's I'll Sleep When I'm Dead) on acid and I was like hooooly fuck I wanna make stuff like that!!! So I started by challenging myself by promising to in 7 days make a full music video for Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon :) It got weird, hard and crazy but that was an awesome time and upped my editing game right away

Cudi Trip Report

Ayy so in this trip report I just got my a7s2 and was super stoked on it, I remember this was one weird ass trip but definitely would say this one was all of my values and lessons as they are right now, too. I was just so crazy stoked on learning it all over again, and was extremely happy because I kept re-realizing that with stoned alone in my current timeline I had fixed all of my potential problems and complaints because my first time on acid I was like holy fuck I just gotta do this and it was just starting to pay off haha - it was taken down for a lot of people cause the Cudi, I was listening to him the whole time and when I stopped paying attention it would get super different